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Aug 03

MuvAudio v1.1 has been in progress since the release of v1.0. We’ve taken a lot of feeback and improved MuvAudio in numerous ways. Here’s a list of the features that have been added so far (with a few others still being added which may or may not make the v1.1 release).

Beware, the list is quite long; proof of our dedication to creating the most stable, feature filled program of it’s kind.

We would like to thank everyone for the wonderful support they have given and hope that everyone is enjoying MuvAudio.

Fixes and Additions for v1.1:

  • Added the ability to save remaining songs to a playlist and resume them on startup (add to the playlist on startup)
  • Move songs now executes upon completion of the song
  • Delete songs now executes upon completion of the song after it (it is still in memory in WMP until the song after the song completes)
  • Added the ability to cut tracks into parts based on time as recording takes place
  • Added FLAC and OGG tagging support
  • Added error handling to the unhandled exception error users receive when there is a problem with WMP or the .NET Framework and it will now log it to a file that can be sent to for better help on what needs to be changed on their system to allow MuvAudio to work correctly.
  • Fixed getfiles error with dedicated mode
  • Made “open log file” textbox float
  • Made “Disable Dedicated Mode” msgbox on top when it detects it is being closed
  • Remove the above msgbox from showing when clicking on “Stop Recording and Exit” from console
  • Made the console no longer always on top and added the minimize button
  • Made the console show up in the in the alt-tab window and the running applications window within task manager
  • Added looking in registry \sound mapper\ if the \volume control\ registry key is not found for the reset soundcard selection box not showing any soundcards
  • Fixed the unspecified error on creating new playlist from loadvacplaylist()
  • Made messagebox when “Fail to open record stream” is displayed to have a timeout of 5 seconds to allow next songs to record succesfully
  • Made it so it also added an error to the errorlog file to state that the song may have been skipped
  • Fixed CreateCompatibleDIB Error
  • Fixed the trayicon so it is removed after recording completes when you click exit on the dialog box
  • Added message to inform user of recording speed of 1 when using OGG (cpu load is too high using OGG to record at a higher speed)
  • Add delete box to show a dialog to ask if the user really wants to do this and explains the possible consequences relating to normal recording and also when using the trial version (to notify them that their songs will include the “trial” voice overlay)
  • Made the console minimized on all checks of the watch directory after the first run through of dedicated mode
  • Added ability to click on create Playlist and it saves the songs that were in a playlist already created (helps to modify a playlist)
  • Added DPI size changes, but text is still screwed up, and added error message when dpi is not 96
  • Removed support for unsupported characters in the separators
  • Added support for !@#$%^&()_-+={}[];’,. in directory names
  • Fixed Object Reference error in timer1
  • Limited separators to 3 characters and disallowed the “\” (please use the “SubDirectory” option to do the same thing as the “\” in the output directory)
  • Fixed bug where : was in the directory name and it killed the output files (it created the directories, but the files would not be recorded)
  • Added check for dedicated mode where watch directory, output directory and move to directory don’t cause a repeated conversion loop
  • Updated the EULA to show that they can use it on up to two computers
  • Updated the help file
  • Cleaned up code to make sure that all deletions of files are working properly when the recording of the file is incomplete
  • Added option to exit “Audio Repeater” once rather than exiting MuvAudio totally when it detects you have “Audio Repeater” open. If the second time, you still have it open, MuvAudio will exit
  • Removed error message that the console was already open to instead, not allow MuvAudio to open. The console must be closed when trying to start a new instance of MuvAudio, otherwise, MuvAudio will not run
  • Set limit of 50 songs processed per dedicated mode directory search (this increases stability greatly, but still processes as many files as before, just in smaller chunks)

Stay tuned for the release on Monday, August 8th (date subject to change).

Thank you,

The MuvAudio Development Team

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