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Sep 09

MuvAudio v2.1.0.0 is now available for download.

Version History:

  • Fixed an issue where the registration menu item was still shown to registered users
  • Fixed an issue with vbr settings using the kHz setting of the last selected CBR setting
  • Fixed an issue where the time remaining would show 5 to 1 seconds left when it had completed in “Watch Folder Mode”
  • Fixed an issue where the error log files for skipped files would sometimes not be deleted and continually show upon recording completion
  • Fixed an issue where some files with a capitalized extension were not being added in regular or watch folder mode
  • Fixed an issue where “Watch Folder Mode” would stop searching for new files if it ever reached the point that it had converted all files in the selected folder and subfolder. If you now put files in any of those folders after it has searched and found none, it will now correctly keep searching and file and record the new files.
  • Modified “Watch Folder Mode” to consider two files equivalent even if the casing is different
  • Modified the way sessions start so that they all load before starting playback and recording (decreases startup time)
  • Modified support for input files. MuvAudio2 now supports the following attributes: 8-16bit, 1-2 channels. Note: Support for the following attributes: 8-32bit, 8,000-192,000kHz, 1-8 channels (combined into 2) can be added by following the instructions in the FAQ.
  • Modified MVC interrupts per millisecond to 5 to help prevent skips
  • Modified estimated recording time algorithm
  • Modified installer to detect if MuvAudio2 has been installed before regarding the addressing of the nView issue. The “View MuvAudio2 Users Guide” option is now unchecked by default. Added “Start MuvAudio2 on Finish” to final options (unchecked by default).
  • Moved disabling of screensaver to be initiated by the console (read below for added support of disabling the disabling of the screensaver
  • Added support for 120DPI at resolutions of 1280×1024 and higher (fixes issues with different things getting cutoff)
  • Added support for disabling the automatic disabling of the screensaver (to do this, add an empty text file in your installation folder with the name of “ignoress.txt”, without quotes) – This is helpful if you still want your monitor to power down, if enabled, and you have the screensaver set to (None) in Windows.
  • Updated Audio Control to use the same version as MuvAudio v1.7

For the latest version of MuvAudio, please visit our downloads section.

-The MuvEnum Development Team

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