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Sep 19

We’d like to thank a company that has had a very big impact on how we do business. They have allowed us to improve our business in a way that allows us to keep our prices reasonable and our service, satisfactory, to say the least. Who is this company that can help any online business? None other than e-junkie.

E-junkie is the ultimate time saver when it comes to selling digital products online. With e-junkie, we were able to work directly with their developers to integrate our custom coded key generation and our automated cd production (integrated with SwiftCD). This gave us back the time we wanted to be able to focus on improving our software; better software decreases our support requests and lets us concentrate on creating new products. And the icing on the cake? Integration of e-junkie with PayPal allowed us to increase our profit by up to 10% (smaller transcation fees) versus the provider we originally started with. A 10% increase for doing something so simple, thanks to, the ones that help keep it simple.

Thank you Robin K, the developer from e-junkie that worked with us directly, we hope things go well for e-junkie.

A PayPal tip for businesses, saving you even more on transactions:

This tip gives you the opportunity to lower your per transaction fee based on your monthly sales dollar amount. You can save anywhere from .4% to 1%, though not much per transcation, it can add quickly.

The breakdown on the monthly sales volume you must have to receive these discounted transaction fees is listed here.

  • 1. Login to your PayPal account.
  • 2. Scroll to the bottom of the overview page (the first page shown once logged in and past the free credit card offers) and then click on the “fees” link.
  • 3. In the middle right of the page click on the link labeled: “1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 USD“.
  • 4. In the section labeled “How is Eligibility for Merchant Rates determined?”, click on the link “Merchant Rate Criteria“.
  • 5. Under the “Application” section, click on “apply now“.
  • 6. Fill out the required information and continue. You should either be accepted or rejected for the extra savings based on their calculations of sales amounts monthly among either prerequisites which can be read about on the previous pages.

This feature is buried deep on their website, but a few simple steps and you are on your way to saving a little extra on every transcation processed through PayPal, integration made easy by e-junkie.

Thank you,

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