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Mar 13

We decided that we really wanted to add a “wow” feature, if you will, to the Open Last Closed Tab extension for Internet Explorer. Because of this, version 2 won’t see the light of day. Instead, we’re jumping to version 3 (it includes all the features from version 2).

Download: IE7 Open Last Closed Tab (Quick Tab Style) v3.0.4.0 Beta 1

The changes in this version are as follows:

  1. Added Quick Tab Style View (Alt+Q) (figure 1), similar to the built-in Quick Tabs, that shows previews of the previously closed tabs at the point they were closed.
    1. It is toggled on and off by hitting “Alt+Q” or by clicking on the “Quick Tab Style View” option in the button menu. It also closes when you click on anything besides the Quick Tab Style View, just like the built-in IE Quick Tabs.
  2. Added the option to specify the number of tabs to remember.
  3. Added a donate button, an online manual button, an about button, and a check for update button.
    1. Check for update gives you the ability to check that you are running the latest version of the Open Last Closed Tab extension.
  4. Added detection for Operating System version to disallow installation on any OS other than Windows XP, 2003, or Vista.
  5. Fixed an issue with previously closed tab entries being stored in different registry keys when IE is run without Administrator rights in Windows Vista.
  6. Updated installer to be able to detect file in use errors and set installation parameters to complete on reboot (user is notified of the need to reboot).

Figure 1 – Open Last Closed Tab (Quick Tab Style View) with mouse hovering over bottom right picture showing tooltip of title and URL.

Figure 2 – IE Toolbar w/ OLCT Icon

Figure 3 – Open Last Closed Tab Icon

If you don’t see the button in your toolbar, please do the following:

  1. Right-click next to the Home button (first icon in Fig. 2).
  2. Left-click on Customize Command Bar.
  3. Left-click on Add or Remove Commands….
  4. Scroll through the Available toolbar buttons and click the icon named Open Last Closed Tab.
  5. Click on the Add
    -> button in the middle to show it under the Current toolbar buttons.
  6. Click on Close.
  7. You should now see the icon in fig. 2 (above) listed in your toolbar (you may have to click on the “>>” arrows to view all icons).
  8. Now, when you click on that icon, you will see the following (except with a list of your previous tabs):

Hints and Tips (I know there are a lot, but it’s all the little things that make up the big picture):

  1. Alt+Q will open the Quick Tab Style View. Hitting Alt+Q again will close it. Escape will also close it as will clicking anywhere on the screen other than the Quick Tab Style View.
  2. Alt+X will open the last closed tab. If you have more previously closed tabs, continuing to hit Alt+X will continue to open the closed tabs in the order that they were closed (most recent to least recent).
  3. Clear Tab History removes the URL as well as the thumbnails.
  4. Last Closed Tabs history and thumbnails are stored per user.
  5. The shortcut keys do not work when the address bar is selected. In this case, click either on the empty page or anywhere on the current webpage to give focus to that page, then hit the shortcut key.
  6. The mouse scrollwheel works on the Quick Tab Style View right after hitting Alt+Q. There is no need to click on the page before you can start scrolling.
  7. When you mouseover a thumbnail or a webpage title in the menu, the tooltip will show you the full webpage title along with the URL. This is useful to differentiate between different WebPages that use the same title.
  8. The thumbnails are fixed in size and are in a widescreen format (we decided on this due to the fact that the browser window can be changed in size and the thumbnail is based on what is visible). If the browse width/height is not widescreen, the website aspect ratio will be kept and the remaining space will be white filled.
  9. If you have no previously closed tabs, the status bar of Internet Explorer (bottom left) will say: “No Previously Closed Tabs” or “No More Tabs To Open” when trying to open the Quick Tab Style View or reopen the last closed tab.
  10. Blank pages (about:blank) are not saved in the history of previously open tabs.
  11. For webpages that we are unable to grab a thumbnail for, a “No Image” image will be displayed.
  12. No information is ever sent to us or any third party. Everything is done on the machine and stays on the machine. We respect your privacy.

We have tested this version thoroughly on Windows XP and Windows Vista. We ask all of you to please try this beta version and submit any issues or suggestions to us via our contact form at or as a comment to this post. We’re especially looking for issue with the Quick Tab Style View splitting the title onto multiple lines. This is due to certain characters (we think we’ve caught most of them, if not all of them) splitting onto two lines. If you find a webpage that does this, please send us the url so we can recreate it and fix it. We’d also like to thank everyone that has donated. It’s because of your donations that we were able to create this new version of Open Last Closed Tab.

We’re very excited about the new Quick Tabs Style View. It took a lot of work to get it working correctly but the final result makes it all worth it.

You can download the beta directly from: IE7 Open Last Closed Tab v3.0.4.0 Beta 1

One response to “IE7 Open Last Closed Tab v3.0.4.0 Beta 1 Released – Quick Tab Style Added”

  1. Hi John,
    As one who recently donated to your cause I am wondering if you can help me resolve a problem. I primarily use Firefox, which I learned after the fact isn’t serviced by your Address Bar software so I switch over to IE7 to try it. Since it didn’t work in either browser after restarting each I’m wondering if I should have installed the software while in IE7. Is that the fix for my situation?
    Thanks and great job developing what had come to be for me an almost absolute necessity….the taskbar-address bar. What creatures of habit we can so easily become!

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