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Jul 10

On June 30th we celebrated our 3 year anniversary since the start of our company and the release of MuvAudio. It was a very exciting day not only because we were still happy to be around, but because we were nearing completion of a couple of new projects.

The first project was given away in the title of this post; our new website. When we released MuvAudio v1.0, we developed our first website which to say the least, was amateurish. We were just starting out and we’ve definitely learned a lot since then. At that time we really didn’t know if MuvAudio would sell well, but this post is testament to the fact that it did.

When we released MuvAudio 2.0 a little over a year later, we released our second version of the website. This one was better, but it definitely wasn’t going to hold the test of time, especially since we had developed it to only host one product, MuvAudio.

It’s been two years since v2.0 of our website was released. It was definitely time for a new website that combined all of our current and upcoming products into a central, easy to navigate location. It was time for MuvEnum: The Website v3.0. This time we got a little help though because we had a lot of projects going on and felt that someone dedicated to the task could do it better. We asked Evan Eckard if he’d help us out. Not only was he priced well, but he did an excellent job. We had him do the design, which we had tweaked again and again to get it just right (we’re pretty picky so that’s our fault). To help with design he also filled in a lot of content which we took and improved upon. Remember, he’s a designer not a copy-writer, but the boiler plate material was very helpful in visualizing the look. Lorem ipsum just tends to get old after awhile.

Everything Evan did was very clean. We were able to take the few pages we had him layout and push out a bunch more that we designed based on modifications to his css classes and html. We then implemented some Prototype and used Highslide (definitely worth the price) to give the site a little bit of ajaxification. We’ve gotten a lot of positive comments about the site and we’re thankful for that. We can’t recommend Evan Eckard enough!

As a quick overview,,, and now all point to pages under We spent a lot of time redirecting all of the pages from the old sites to the correct corresponding pages on the new site. If you happen to find any broken links, please let us know.

The last few months have been very busy, but at the same time they’ve been a ton of fun because we’ve been doing what we love; developing software and providing services that have reached around the globe. We still have a few things to do as well as some announcements to make. We’ll get those posted later today. Right now, it’s time to get some sleep.

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