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Mar 03

MuvAudio v2.9.8.0 is now available for download and will be pushed through the automatic update feature in the next few days.

While we’ve been working on our other software, we’ve been keeping track of suggestions, reported bugs, and other random thoughts regarding MuvAudio2 and now we have this great new version to share with the world.  It’s fixes a few of those pesky remaining issues (darn wma files that don’t know how long they really are).  It knows about the newest processors.  It auto-repairs the MuvEnum Virtual Cable!  It slices and dices and can be yours for the low price of…(as I snap back to reality).   Anyway, we hope you get the picture and most important of all, we hope you enjoy it.  Now it’s time to get back to adding the album detail sidebar to MuvUnder Cover: The Album Art Sleuth, among other requested features.

Version History:

  • Fixed an issue where some .wma files that report a length of 1 second are not able to be converted.
  • Fixed an issue when an output subdirectory contained a space at the front causing the converted file not to be saved.
  • Fixed an error in the console if it was closed early in the setup of the conversion sessions.
  • Added better installation detection and auto-repair/install of the MuvEnum Virtual Cable when starting MuvAudio2.
  • Added “Finalizing file…” text to inform user of the status of converted files.
  • Added advanced exception handler used by MuvAudio2 to the console.
  • Added a “Buy Now” button to the main screen and to the conversion completed screen of the console if running the trial version.
  • Added text to the console to make users aware if they were running the trial version.
  • Added ignoring of previously converted files using the watch folder mode when they were converted with the trial version, after registering.
  • Modified trial version to limit conversions to the first 60 seconds of each file to help avoid confusion with files being converted with the audio watermark having the same length as the original (many users requested this one, we’ll see how it turns out compared to the audio watermark method).
  • Modified CPU detection algorithm to take the Intel I7 and Xeon processors into account.
  • Modified default “output paths” and “move to paths” that are set when first installed to make them easier to locate (added “!MuvAudio” at the front of the directories).
  • Modified trial version to not allow the usage of the “delete files upon successful conversion” to avoid accidental deletion of the 60 second limit trial conversions.
  • Modified terminology away from “record” to “convert” for understandability.
  • Modified some wording for understandability.

For the latest version of MuvAudio, please visit our downloads section.

-The MuvEnum Development Team

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