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Jun 07

To celebrate the release of the MuvEnum Address Bar v5 Beta, we’re going to be giving away a Pro license, randomly selected from every “multiple of 10” (20, 30, 40, 50, etc.) twitter followers we get before the official release.  Example: when we reach 240 followers, we’ll randomly select one follower from #231-#240 to receive a Pro license.

Things are getting a little hectic around here as we near the release of the MuvEnum Address Bar v5.  We’ve spent the last couple of months cranking out features, improvements, and bugfixes that we think every user of the MuvEnum Address Bar will love.  Heck, I’m proud to say that we love them.  That’s one of the faults of being the “Creator”; you fall in love with your creations.  Take Dr. Frankenstein for example…acutally, we take that back.  The Frankenstein monster was hideous on the outside (which, btw, if you think the MuvEnum Address Bar is hideous on the outside, in  MAB Pro v5 you can change that with “Custom Themes“) and we like to think our creation looks nothing like the Frankenstein monster.

That sure was a strange tangent.  Alright then, back to the point.  We think we created a very useful tool with the MuvEnum Address Bar v3.  With v5 (yes, we skipped v4 because we experienced “feature creep” and just couldn’t help ourselves when it came to adding features) we’ve added/fixed everything that was reported and made some fundamental improvements to the usability of the address bar.  We think you’ll love the features and just want to say (yes, it took almost two paragraphs to get to this point) that we greatly appreciate everyone that has supported MuvEnum over the last 4 years.

I know some of you probably read the “Pro” word and gasped.  We’ve kept the original features of the v3 address bar and added a whole bunch of new features to the “free” v5 and then we went ahead and added a whole bunch of additional features to the “free” v5 and made it the “Pro” v5.  For a glance at what the “Pro” version gives you, head on over to our (work-in-progress) version comparison page.  It goes into greater detail about the Themes, Keywords, Advanced Calculator, and History Management.

For all of you donaters that donated before this point in time and are probably upset right now, don’t worry.  You’ll be receiving an email soon with your free “Pro” license(s).  If you don’t get the email by Monday, let us know and we’ll take care of you.

Another fine example of “Software in Motion“. Enjoy!

-The MuvEnum Development Team

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