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Jul 03

MuvEnum Address Bar v5.0.6.0 is now available for download.

This new version fixes some regression issues we missed in v5.0.3.0 while adding some extra features.  Some of the more notable features include the option to make “Ctrl+Shift+Enter” load commands using administrator privileges (similar to the Windows Vista Start Menu) in addition to a live preview of themes inside the options themes tab. We added proxy authentication settings for activation and favicon purposes for those of you behind non-automatic setting proxies.

We also created a unified “Not Found Prompt” to be a single prompt for searching terms or loading terms as a website (http:// appended to the front).  The previous method of having to choose one or the other in the options was annoying as it wasn’t a “one shoe fits all” feature.  Those options still exist but if you have the prompt shown it now sets the default action to the choice selected in the options; the enter key will fire the default option.  You can also use the shortcut keys to fire the buttons: “S” for search, “W” for load as website, and “C” for cancel.  It might take a little getting used to at first but after a few uses you can definitely see the benefit it provides.  We hope you enjoy this release.

Version History:

  • Added option to enable “Ctrl+Shift+Enter” to run programs using administrator privileges.
  • Added address bar selected theme preview inside the options form theme tab to make it easier to notice the theme changes and for those who have their taskbar autohide.
  • Added “Delete All History” button to history tab for easy deletion of all history items.
  • Added conversion of “x” to “*” for multiplication in mathematical equations when the calculator is available.
  • Added more informational tips to option tabs to help users get a grasp of certain features without having to reference the manual (calculator, themes, keywords, etc.).
  • Added option on help tab to enable logging for support purposes.
  • Added a timespan check of 125ms between hitting the enter key to load stop double loading of commands based on user feedback from some keyboards firing of keyup events multiple times within 125ms of the initial keypress.
  • Added digitally signed copies of the RegisterExtension executables to satisfy the requirement of some protection software to be cautious of non-signed files and possibly causing the taskbar toolbar to not install properly.
  • Added proxy server settings for favicon retreival and activation purposes.
  • Added missing “Visit MuvEnum Website” link click event.
  • Modified the “Not Found Prompt” to now be a single prompt for searching terms or loading terms as a website (http:// appended to the front).  But the uncertainty of which one you’ll need at which point in time was a pain in the butt.  The shoe has now been removed.
  • Modified method for loading keywords with multiple addresses on systems using IE as their default browser.
  • Modified some logging to only log if it is enabled in the software to help improve performance.
  • Modified Tab key to not cycle through each cell of the keywords datagridview (you can still use arrow keys).
  • Removed code that set the FirstRun to true on each new version upgrade to prevent trial prompt showing each time you upgraded to a new version of MAB.
  • Fixed possible start menu “one second freeze” after typing a url that has a favicon that hasn’t already been downloaded.
  • Fixed finding default browser executable failing because of front “//” on subkey on some machines.
  • Fixed order of %PATH% files to load in the order of .com, .exe, .bat, .*, when no extension is typed.
  • Fixed start pro trial prompt showing when a new version was installed while the trial had already expired.
  • Fixed tabindex on settings tab.
  • Fixed history list in options history tab not always refreshing after selecting history items and deleting them.
  • Fixed IP addresses not loading as websites for but instead causing the “Not Found” prompt to be shown.
  • Fixed ftp addresses typed without the ftp:// scheme loading with http:// instead of ftp://.
  • Fixed userinfo being stripped from addresses ( was being stripped to; also applies to (mailto:name@domain) addresses.
  • Fixed issue with searches not loading or prompting when search terms contained special characters (<,”,=,etc.).
  • Fixed ports being stripped from urls became
  • Fixed commands containg arguments with periods, e.g., “ping”, being split into args and filename improperly causing it to show the search prompt instead of loading.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

For the latest version of the MuvEnum Address Bar, please visit our downloads section.

-The MuvEnum Development Team

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