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Jul 21

MuvUnder Cover: The Album Art Sleuth v1.7.0.0 is now available for download.

This version adds a few new features that we think make MuvUnder Cover much easier to use.  It also includes some bug fixes and quite a few performance improvements.

Important: Due to the recent changes made by some of our album artwork sources, we recommend that you update to v1.7.0.0 as soon as possible to make sure you continue receiving the largest quantity and quality of available album artwork.

We’ve added an “albums with/without covers or all albums” grouping in the bottom left of the application.  This focuses the experience to those albums without covers but gives the flexibility to view the albums any way you want.   Because of this new feature, we have modified the default settings for new customers to load all albums whether or not they contain embedded artwork but to have the grouping set to only show albums without covers.  If you are upgrading, your settings will not be changed, but to have the same experience you may want to change to the defaults: “Options -> “Artwork” -> “Replace the file’s existing artwork with the selected artwork”, and “Albums without covers (x of x)” in the bottom left of the main application.   When a cover is saved to an album, it moves to the “Albums with covers” grouping highlighted with the green check so you can see which album covers were saved during the current session.  We’d love to hear your feedback on this new method of album organization in MuvUnder Cover.

The other big change is the ability to delete embedded artwork from a single album (Right-click album -> “Delete Album Artwork From File(s)”) or all albums (“Album Options” -> “Delete Album Art”).  We provide a prompt when a customer selects this option to verify that they want to do this as it cannot be undone.  This does not delete the “folder.jpg” or any other image stored locally in the album folder.  It only deletes artwork embedded in the actual album files.

We’re confident that these new changes will make the MuvUnder Cover experience that much better.

Version History:

  • Fixed Google and Juno Records Image Search to support their recent API modifications. (Please make sure you update to this version to make sure you get the best/most artwork results).
  • Fixed bug where single album search didn’t display the Searching status image.
  • Fixed some binding errors that were causing performance issues.
  • Added ability to filter shown albums by those with and those without covers, or to show all albums.
  • Added ability to delete existing album art in albums (does not delete locally saved album artwork).
  • Added support for deleting artwork from a single album (Right-click album -> “Delete Album Artwork From File(s)”), or all displayed albums (“Album Options” -> “Delete Album Art”). This feature also updates your iTunes library to inform it that the artwork has been removed from the file as long as “Update your iTunes library” option under “Options” -> “Advanced” is checked.
  • Added support for updating iTunes info when deleting embedded artwork if enabled.
  • Added open log folder button.
  • Modified loading of files to decrease the time to load files considerably by not displaying the albums until after all metadata has been read. This also improves load time for files located on a NAS or slower network drive.
  • Modified encryption to help avoid crashes with certain anti-virus programs.
  • Modified default settings to load all albums whether or not they have artwork, but to filter on “Albums without covers”, changeable in the bottom left of the application. We believe this provides the best of both worlds by showing you the total percentage of your albums that have artwork and to more easily work on only those albums that need artwork or those that you’d like to see if you can find better artwork for.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

For the latest version of MuvUnder Cover: The Album Art Sleuth, please visit our downloads section.

-The MuvEnum Development Team

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