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MuvAudio doesn't even open (though the process shows in task manager using 99% cpu). Is there a conflict with my system?

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Posted: 25 Sep, 2007
by: Rennemeyer J.
Updated: 09 Mar, 2010
by: Rennemeyer J.
There is a known compatibility issue with Spyware Doctor, SpyCatcher, SpyCatcher Express 2006 (or any program that bundles these applications) related to programs using the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, which MuvAudio does. Instead of displaying a prompt asking the user if he/she wants to allow the program to run, it just blocks it, but that causes it to use 99% cpu and only show in the Windows Task Manager. To correct this issue and allow MuvAudio to open correctly, you may need to uninstall these programs or disable them completely before running MuvAudio and enabling them after using MuvAudio. Their software support responded with the following which may not require uninstallation to correct this issue:

"I understand that you are experiencing problems trying to run .NET applications.

The issue can happen if SpyCatcher locks the temp folder or prevents an application from accessing %systemroot%. You may try doing this.

Uncheck all options under Options tab and Advanced in AdArmor and verify if the issue persists.

If the issue persists, you may try the workaround. Note that this is not a bug in SpyCatcher. Spywares and rootkits are designed to place themselves in the system folder to operate. The only way to prevent this would be to lock such an access.

From the task manager, request the customer to end 'SpyCatcher.exe' and 'protector.exe'

It should resolve the issue. Alternatively, you can edit the .ini file to prevent SpyCatcher from loading at startup. Please let us know if you require to disable SpyCatcher from running on startup.

I hope the above information would help us resolve the issue."

This may also apply to other spyware detection programs so if you are experiencing the same issue, please try disabling your spyware protection program and see if MuvAudio will run successfully.
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