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Oct 18

When purchasing through PayPal, users will now receive their unlock code almost immediately. Among this added and much needed feature, we have added registration number validation on the purchase page to ensure that when you do order, your registration number is the correct form so that you receive the correct unlock code upon completion of purchase. Users no longer have to worry about receiving an invalid code due to the misentering of their registration number.

On a side note, we have been working on v1.2 over the past couple of months and here are a couple of the new features that we have in store:

1. Drag on drop files on the main form to create your playlist.
2. Adding files indicator that counts up the playlist time as files are being processed (so users don’t think the program has crashed).
3. The ability to resume audiobooks by split section.
4. Better handling of License Acquision errors causing incorrect names on files
5. And as always, fixes, tweaks, and more…


The MuvAudio Development Team


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