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Aug 11

MuvAudio v2.0.6.0 is now available for download.

Version History:

  • Fixed a bug when starting MuvAudio related to the following error: “SplitterDistance must be between Panel1MinSize and Width – Panel2MinSize.”
  • Fixed improperly closing of handle for MVC when closing the Console
  • Fixed an issue that would randomly cause watch folder mode to not move or delete files based on the setting the user chose
  • Fixed an issue regarding random crashes in the file “drmv2ctl.dll” caused by the Windows Media Player 11 Beta
  • Fixed an issue where files being skipped in quick progression would cause crashes in the file “drmv2ctl.dll” caused by the Windows Media Player 11 Beta
  • Fixed an issue where recording wouldn’t start or only a few sessions would start if each session duration was calculated to be exactly the same
  • Modified the Reset Soundcard application to notify users that their soundcard has been set successfully set with a messagebox that auto closes after 5 seconds, instead of setting and exiting which makes it look like it didn’t do anything.
  • Modified the application to use visual styles without having to have a manifest file
  • Modified the MVC interrupts per millisecond to 8 to help prevent skips
  • Added messagebox to notify that an instance of MuvAudio2 Console is already running if you try to open it twice (some users didn’t realize it was a tray icon)
  • Added better deletion of incomplete files due to errors or closing the program in the middle of the conversion process
  • Added detection to automatically change the number of virtual cables to 10 if the user had modified the number of virtual cables to be less than the recording speed chosen
  • Added detection to the Console to not get covered for users that have the Start Menu on the top of their screen
  • Added reopening of MuvAudio2 if a previous session was reported as not starting successfully (when detected, it corrects the issue which triggers the restart of the program)
  • Updated buttons that link to websites possibly throwing an error when a default browser is not setup properly on the users system
  • Updated maximum recording speed detection to compensate for certain processors not being able to handle higher recording speeds
  • Removed the resetting of the system default recording device as it is no longer needed

For the latest version of MuvAudio, please visit our downloads section.

-The MuvEnum Development Team


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