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Jan 25

MuvAudio v2.6.0.0, with support for Window Vista x64, is now available for download.

Version History:

  • Changes affecting all versions of Windows:
  • Added the ability to extend the trial version, if requested.
  • Added message to trial screen to better inform users of trial voice in recorded files. This is useful for users that download the trial from a site that doesn’t display this information to them.
  • Added automatic re-registering of the wmp.dll file when it detects a corrupt installation of Windows Media Player along with instructions on restarting MuvAudio2 to verify the fix and a link to the faq describing the issue.
  • Added the setting of the main soundcard on the closing of the console when file errors were detected during recording because file errors are the most common cause that would not rest the soundcard properly.
  • Added the option to specify Joint Stereo Mode or Regular Stereo Mode when recording to MP3 CBR.
  • Added support to specify the filetypes that “Watch Folder Mode” will look for and convert, if found.
  • Added support setting the output directory to be the same as the location of the file you are converting from. If the output file is the same name as the original file, the original will be renamed adding “.orig” in front of the file extension (i.e., sample.mp3 becomes sample.orig.mp3).
  • Added the saving of the “View Style” setting between loads of the “Add Files To Playlist” form.
  • Added “Type” to the playlist to show the file extension. This allows sorting of the filetypes for easy removal.
  • Added “Length” to the playlist columns to show the length of the files. This is useful for decreasing the time of the playlist by specific amounts.
  • Added disabling of “Output Folder” button in the console if using the “Output Directory is the same as the Original Directory” option.
  • Added updating of example filename and example output directory to update based on the selected file in the playlist.
  • Added the ability to double-click on an empty part of the main playlist to open up the “Add Files To Playlist” form.
  • Added a label (when the playlist is empty), stating that you can double-click or drag files onto the main playlist to easily add items to that playlist.
  • Added the ability to open the exact folder of the file being recorded to, when you double-click on the song info label next to each session in the console.
  • Updated “Add to Playlist” form components to fix issues with it freezing and/or crashing for some users.
  • Updated AudioRepeater to open with the correct wave-in and wave-out devices set and automatically start listening. This happens when you click the “Speaker” icon next to the appropriate session in the console.
  • Modified the storing of alreadyrecorded files information when using “Watch Folder Mode”, to now store only the minimal information necessary, to reduce file size and issues with the xml file becoming corrupt.
  • Modified ViewStyle button in “Add to Playlist” to act as a split button allow a button click to toggle between styles and having the dropdown list to select from as well.
  • Modified startup of MuvAudio2 to help with the randoming crashing regarding “System.BadImageFormatException”. If you still experience this, load MuvAudio2 right after the crash again and it should open fine.
  • Modified the order of the VBR Presets to be from lowest (top) to highest (bottom) quality.
  • Modified tooltip of file being recorded in the console to show the path and file of the output file.
  • Fixed an issue with the directory combobox in “Add to Playlist” that would cause it to not show current directory on load or when changing folders within the fileview.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the trial to expire, or become invalid, if the user changes the DateTime format (or locale) of the computer after first using the software. It may be necessary for a user affected by this problem to run the software once under the original locale to reset the trial data.
  • Fixed an issue with the .mpc, .ape, .wv, .ofr, .ofs, .tta support being enabled when .flac support was enabled. It now is enabled correctly, when their extension codecs are installed.
  • Fixed an issue where sessions 2-10 would not start if only one song was in session one and it would not play due to an error with the file.
  • Fixed an issue where files and/or directories with one character would have 0 plus the character added to them, i.e., directory X would become X0X and file X would become 0X.
  • Fixed an issue where the trial sound on some machines running Windows XP would cause the whole file to play at slower than the normal speed; kind of like a record player set to lower speed to make the chipmunks sound normal or to make normal people sound like monsters :).
  • Fixed an issue when using output using original filename when the original file had an extension greater than 3 characters.
  • Fixed installation of MVC not actually installing when it detected that the .sys file still existed in the windows\system32\driver folder.
  • Fixed an issue with downloading an update, “The given path’s format is not supported.”, from within the software if you were using v2.5.0.0.
  • Changes affecting Windows Vista only:
  • Added support for Windows Vista (64-bit)
  • Added support for using more than one core on multi-core processors when running Windows Vista.
  • Fixed an issue that would stop the recording process for any remaining files when one file to be recorded encountered an error using Windows Vista. It now continues on like normal.
  • Fixed an issue where files would contain skips when a file in another session encountered an error and tried to move on the to next song, in Windows Vista. It now waits for completion of all current sesssion files before moving on to the next file.
  • Fixed an issue with the renaming of mvc cables form when dpi was set greater than 96, in Vista.
  • Updated the Maximum Recommended Recording Speed algorithm on multi-core machines in Windows Vista to increase speeds because of the now functioning multi-core spreading of all sessions (only applies to Windows Vista).
  • Updated MuvEnum Virtual Cable version to one that does not require the renaming of cables (no longer requires admin on first run) or the changing of the ms interrupt in Windows Vista on a first time installation; however, once you install this new version, you cannot install previous versions of MuvAudio2 due to the name changes in the MVCs and Vista remembering previous names from first install (this does not apply to Windows XP, 2000, or 2003 Server; you can revert back to old versions of MuvAudio2 without issues on these version of Windows).
  • Modified how sessions are informed to play and wait when using Windows Vista. This should address issues where recording of all sessions would stop and never start again and the % complete would countinue to count up to 99% and sit there, on Windows Vista.
  • Modified the use of the Mic device to instead use the Line device when recording, in Vista.
  • Modified location of the viewstyle button and the help button on the toolstrips in the “Add to Playlist” form so they are viewable in Vista without having to hit the expander on the end of the toolstrip.

For the latest version of MuvAudio, please visit our downloads section.

-The MuvEnum Development Team


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