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Jun 11

MuvEnum Address Bar v2.1.0.0 is now available for download.

Version History:

  • Added Save, Cancel, and Restore Defaults buttons to the options dialog.
  • Added Clear History button to the options dialog to allow the users to clear the Internet Explorer/Windows Explorer/MuvEnum Address Bar (they all share the same history) typed url history; works the same as the Delete Browsing History in Internet Explorer.
  • Added the ability to have the address bar check for updates automatically.  Default of enabled and checks every 7 days.
  • Added support for enabling inline autocompletion (tab is not supported; you will need to use the arrow keys instead).
  • Added floating toolbar support.
  • Added the ability to hide the Options button. Also added support for opening the options by typing options into the address bar and hitting enter. How else you would get to the options dialog if you had hidden the button? 
  • Added support for a global (system wide) hotkey to set focus to the MuvEnum Address Bar. In my own use of the original address bar, this was a very wanted but missing feature. It can be disabled. It defaults to enabled and to the shortcut combination of CTRL+SHIFT+A.
  • Added support for ESCAPE for closing the options dialog.
  • *Added support for typed urls adding to the history, used in IE and the address bar).
  • *Added support for a specified search engine (default search): regedit:(HKEY_CURRENTUSER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\SearchUrl\) Key – (Default) , value: where %s is replaced by the text typed in the address bar.
  • *Added support for the title “Address” to be shown in the front of the address bar. It can be removed by unlocking the taskbar, right-clicking on the toolbar and unchecking “Show Title”.
  • *Added the “search for” option to the autocomplete box.
  • *Added support for moving through the auto-completion list using up and down arrow keys. See for why tab completion was not able to be added.
  • *Added support for environment variables.
  • *Added support for opening favorites by their shortcut name.
  • *Added support for opening system locations (example: “My Computer”, “My Documents”).
  • *Added quick search support.
  • Modified installer so it no longer shows the “command prompt” windows when registering the extension files.
  • Redesigned the address bar to better represent the operating system settings.
  • Redesigned the options button to be more noticeable.
  • Redesigned the options dialog to allow for better feature additions and references to finding out about the extension and updating it as well.
  • Removed the “MuvEnum Google Sponsored Search” feature.
  • Fixed search option in auto-complete drop-down not working on different languages of Windows.
  • Fixed search engine searches using %20 instead of + for spaces in the search keywords. 
  • Fixed the “search for” option in the auto-complete list showing an error instead of opening the page when the user didn’t have an IE SearchURL setup in the registry.
  • Fixed the installer not properly updating from v1.3.1.0.  Previous betas would require an uninstallation of the currently installed version before working correctly.  This beta removes the old version, correctly.
  • Fixed the resetting of your taskbar (only once) after updating from v1.3.1.0 to v2.x.x.x beta 4 or lower and restarting the computer.
  • Fixed address bar not showing correctly if the start menu was docked on left or right of the monitor (vertical).
  • Fixed settings possibly being lost when updating to a newer version.
  • Fixed “My Documents” and “Documents” showing an error instead of opening the folder.
  • Fixed selecting items from the regular drop-down requiring the user to then press “Enter” before the item would be loaded.
  • Fixed address bar not being centered on a multiline taskbar after restarting the computer.
  • Fixed issue with the installer which may have caused the address bar to not show up after installing.
  • Fixed issue with the installer not adding the program to the “Add/Remove Programs” section.

* denotes replicated feature from the original address bar.

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

For the latest version of MuvEnum Address Bar, please visit our downloads section.

-The MuvEnum Development Team


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