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Oct 05

This past week we noticed a massive influx of support calls/voicemail messages, which we had a hard time keeping up with.  Normally we receive most of our support via email which helps improve our response time.  Also, last Sunday, our host migrated to a faster server and while there were a few hiccups, we were back up and running at full throttle, or so we thought.

After digging for the root cause we realized that the influx of support calls had to have an origin, and that origin was a broken support form and contact form from the migration.  After the migration process, we forgot to verify that our support form (entry place for support requests) was fully working.  While we could send to outside domains, we could not send to our own domain.  Basically, all support requests that were submitted, even if it stated that they were submitted successfully, were sent into the “space between”, never reaching their destination.  As of 2:00PM MST today, 10/5, we have resolved the issue.  If you sent any support requests in between 9/26 and today, 10/5, they were not received and we ask that you resubmit them.

We sincerely apologize for the massive frustration caused to those that didn’t receive responses to their support requests.  We’d also like to thank those that continually called to help us realize that something was wrong.

In the end, we’ve learned that if/when the next migration takes place, verifying that the support request forms are working will be the first thing on our list.  No matter how “ready” you think you are for something, you never really are, especially when it comes to technology.

We thank all of our customers for their patience and understanding as we continually strive to make our services and products more robust.

Sincerely yours,

The MuvEnum Team


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