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Jul 01

This article describes how to clear the history from each of following browsers:

Internet Explorer 8

Navigate to Safety -> Delete Browsing History, check the History box, click Delete.

Internet Explorer 8: Safety -> Delete Browsing History

Internet Explorer 8: History -> Delete

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Internet Explorer 7

Navigate to Tools -> Delete Browsing History, click the Delete History button, click Close.

Internet Explorer 7: Tools -> Delete Browsing History

Internet Explorer 7: Delete History

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Internet Explorer 6

Navigate to Tools -> Internet Options, click Clear History.

Internet Explorer 6: Tools -> Internet Options

Internet Explorer 6: Clear History

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Firefox 3.5

Navigate to Tools -> Clear Recent History, change Time range to clear to Everything, click Details, check the Browsing & Download History box only and clear the rest, click Clear Now.

Firefox 3.5: Tools -> Clear Recent History

Firefox 3.5: Browsing History -> Clear Now

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Firefox 3

Navigate to Tools -> Clear Private Data, check the Browsing History box, click Clear Private Data Now.

Firefox 3: Tools -> Clear Private Data

Firefox 3: Browsing History -> Clear Private Data Now

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Google Chrome

Navigate to Wrench -> Clear browsing data, check the Clear browsing history box, choose Everything, click Clear Browsing Data.

Google Chrome: Gear -> Clear browsing data...

Google Chrome: Clear browsing history -> Everything -> Clear Browsing Data

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Safari 4

Navigate to Gear -> Reset Safari, check the Clear history box, click Reset.

Safari 4: Gear -> Reset Safari

Safari 4: Clear history -> Reset

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Safari 3

Navigate to History -> Clear History.

Safari 3: History -> Clear History

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Opera 9

Navigate to Tools -> Delete Private Data, click/expand Detailed Options,  check the Clear history of visited pages box, click Delete.

Opera 9: Tools -> Delete Private Data

Opera 9: Detailed Options -> Clear history of visited pages -> Delete

Mar 03

I finally took the plunge.  Thanks to my new iPhone and Twinkle, I am officially on Twitter and have been for the last week or so, tweeting about anything and everything MuvEnum related.  If you want to see what I’m working on, want to know what I’m thinking, or enjoy lame-but-not-so-lame-that-it-makes-you-want-to-poke-your-eye(s)-out humor, then follow me: @MuvEnumJohn

There is also an integrated page on our website which you can view at

Mar 25

The next few months should be exciting for MuvEnum.  We wanted to give a sneak peek of what we’ve been working on:

  • A new company logo.
  • A website redesign unifying our products under
  • A new software product built using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
    • We will be announcing details and a need for beta testers shortly.
  • New official releases of some applications that will possibly include:
    • MuvEnum Address Bar – Replacement toolbar for XP SP3 users.
    • Muv My Windows – A system-wide shortcut key program to help move/maximize/restore windows between multiple monitors.
  • Updates to existing applications:
    • IE Open Last Closed Tab – x64 OS, Internet Explorer 32-bit support.
    • IE Alias – x64 OS, Internet Explorer 32-bit support.
    • MuvAudio 2 – some small bug fixes.
  • We’re also working on updating our help documentation and implementing a searchable knowledgebase (FAQ)

We’re thankful for and focused on our customers.  These next few months will be very exciting!

Feb 13

In reference to the previous post, I mentioned the final paragraph stating that “Lastly, there is no lastly.” Here was that person’s response to that sentence (maybe from another quote, maybe not):

“Lastly, when one applies theories of numerology postulating that for every n there is also an n+1 to the concept of chronology as it is perceived and applied by society and the organizational tendencies which lead us to categorize, prioritize, and otherwise enumerate items, tasks, or other ephemeral collections placed before us for consideration, one must determine that while there may not obviously be that which we would define as “thirdly”, we can always ascertain with certainty that there is indeed no “lastly.”  By definition, that would be impossible.  Hence, I concur with your paradoxically mislabeled statement: “Lastly, there is no lastly.””

-Paul R. Moon

I love the English language.

Update: I found out the above quote wasn’t quoted from any other source so I’ve updated it to show that it belongs to him. I’m just glad he doesn’t speak like that all the time.


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