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Jul 01

This article describes how to clear the history from each of following browsers:

Internet Explorer 8

Navigate to Safety -> Delete Browsing History, check the History box, click Delete.

Internet Explorer 8: Safety -> Delete Browsing History

Internet Explorer 8: History -> Delete

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Internet Explorer 7

Navigate to Tools -> Delete Browsing History, click the Delete History button, click Close.

Internet Explorer 7: Tools -> Delete Browsing History

Internet Explorer 7: Delete History

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Internet Explorer 6

Navigate to Tools -> Internet Options, click Clear History.

Internet Explorer 6: Tools -> Internet Options

Internet Explorer 6: Clear History

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Firefox 3.5

Navigate to Tools -> Clear Recent History, change Time range to clear to Everything, click Details, check the Browsing & Download History box only and clear the rest, click Clear Now.

Firefox 3.5: Tools -> Clear Recent History

Firefox 3.5: Browsing History -> Clear Now

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Firefox 3

Navigate to Tools -> Clear Private Data, check the Browsing History box, click Clear Private Data Now.

Firefox 3: Tools -> Clear Private Data

Firefox 3: Browsing History -> Clear Private Data Now

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Google Chrome

Navigate to Wrench -> Clear browsing data, check the Clear browsing history box, choose Everything, click Clear Browsing Data.

Google Chrome: Gear -> Clear browsing data...

Google Chrome: Clear browsing history -> Everything -> Clear Browsing Data

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Safari 4

Navigate to Gear -> Reset Safari, check the Clear history box, click Reset.

Safari 4: Gear -> Reset Safari

Safari 4: Clear history -> Reset

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Safari 3

Navigate to History -> Clear History.

Safari 3: History -> Clear History

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Opera 9

Navigate to Tools -> Delete Private Data, click/expand Detailed Options,  check the Clear history of visited pages box, click Delete.

Opera 9: Tools -> Delete Private Data

Opera 9: Detailed Options -> Clear history of visited pages -> Delete


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