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Nov 20

MuvAudio v1.2 is now available for download.

Version History:

  • Delete now moves files to recycle bin if you have the recycle bin enabled
  • Album Art is now added to mp3 files, if you have an active internet connection
  • Album Art downloading optimizations and keyword modification for better finding of the album covers
  • Dialogs that would stop the recording process are now automatically closed, logged, and no longer stop the recording process
  • Added updating of playlist time through threading when adding files to show that files are being added and that MuvAudio has not frozen
  • Added the ability to drag and drop files and directories directly onto the main window
  • Modified some message boxes to fit the scheme of MuvAudio as well as adding timeouts to ones that affected the recording process
  • Added song titles and song number of total songs indicator in place of “Recording Indicator” on console
  • Added a “New Playlist” button to the finished recording dialog to allow users to go back to MuvAudio rather than exiting
  • Set “Use only default devices” to true to fix issues people were having with certain soundcards playing all songs through their soundcard which were then not being recorded properly
  • Fix ContextMenu cannot be shown on an invisible control. Parameter name: control
  • Removed the “Delete dialog” for non-trial users on the automatic and dedicated dialogs
  • Changed ## of split track to be ### as some split files will be in upwards of 100+ files
  • The space character is now allowed as a separator of the filename (it was being read incorrectly from the xml file)
  • Renamed the “Automatic” button to “Record” for better understanding
  • Modifed default output directory setup to “Author – WM/AlbumTitle” so that users by default don’t get a new directory for every song
  • Modifed default file output to “Author – WM/TrackNumber – Title” to have better organization in directories
  • Fixed some issues with the License Acquisition closing to work in every case (dedicated mode, first song, last song, etc)
  • Fixed issues with the display of song titles in the console (they now show 17 characters of the title correctly in all cases)
  • Fixed Dedicated mode, when set to delete, copying the files to “My Music\Converted” before deleted
  • Fixed VAC5 from sometimes not starting the recording (it would open, but not start; similar to the next bug that was fixed)
  • Fixed some VACs stopping after certain songs which could only be resumed by clicking on “Stop” and then “Resume”
  • Cleaned up old code to make the executable smaller
  • Other small bug fixes and improvements

For the latest version of MuvAudio, please visit our downloads section.

-The MuvEnum Development Team


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