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Jun 06

We’re proud to announce the first beta release of the MuvEnum Address Bar v5. We’ve made some major improvements in this version and we’re very excited to share them with the world.

One of the first things you may notice from looking at the change log is that we now have a “Pro Version” of the address bar. The MuvEnum Address Bar is now freeware/proware (one installer “to rule them all”) and the freeware version includes all of the features from the previous version along with a bunch of new features and fixes. We’ve created some “Pro Features” that go beyond the idea of just a Windows Taskbar Toolbar Address Bar replacement. We’ve received a great number of donations for previous versions of our address bar and have given all donaters the ability to receive free copies of the Pro Version (if you didn’t get the email, just submit a support request and let us know).

For a glance at what the “Pro” version gives you, head on over to our version comparison page.  It goes into greater detail about the new Free features as well as the Pro features including Themes, Keywords, Advanced Calculator, and History Management.

We made the decision to create a Pro Version for a few reasons:

  1. The donations are appreciated but we want to give more to those that are helping fund our efforts.  With the “Pro Version”, in addition to the extra features, users now get priority support via email as well as early access to betas and all of the other benefits of being a paid user. We’ve since removed the “Donate” button from the program and we will be removing it from the MuvEnum Address Bar sections of the website upon the final v5 release.
  2. MuvEnum is a business and as a business it cannot survive without a revenue stream.  For those that believe these additional features are worth the cost, they will help us to survive and hopefully thrive. On a side note, we’re coming up on year 5 at the end of June and we hope to celebrate many more years!
  3. We’re curious to see how the whole Free/Lite/Pro version of a software program works for a business as a revenue stream.
  4. To reiterate, we didn’t take any features from earlier versions of the software and turn them into “Pro Features”.  “What once you had, you shall always have.” – John Rennemeyer (I googled it and it hasn’t seem to have been said by anyone else so I’m going to claim it as my quote unless I’m told otherwise.)  We don’t believe in the old bait and switch method and hopefully we’ve proven this.

We hope you enjoy this new version whether you stick with the “Freeware Version” or support us by upgrading to the “Pro Version”.  Keep an eye out for the final release coming in the next week or two and make sure to spread the word.  We’ll be discounting the “Pro Version” down from $16.99 to $12.99 as an introductory pricing special.  We’re also running an additional “pre-release” promo on twitterUntil the final release, we’ll randomly select one twitter follower from every 10 new twitter followers to receive a free MuvEnum Address Bar Pro license. You can start following us at to keep up-to-date on everything MuvEnum.

MuvEnum Address Bar v5.0.0.0 Beta is now available for download.

Version History:

  • PRO: Added support for keywords/aliases which allows opening single or multiple folders, files, and web addresses (Safari only supports single web addresses) with a single keyword (50+ keywords included which can be removed and/or modified).
  • PRO: Added support for exporting and importing keywords between computers (warns if importing with same keys and give the option to merge or skip).
  • PRO: Added support for importing from IE Aliases into keywords.
  • PRO: Added support for printing out a keywords list to help memorize and/or have an easy reference.
  • PRO: Added the ability to Theme the address bar including changing the “Go” and “Options” button (includes 16 themes ootb).
  • PRO: Added a theme designer program to help with the creation of themes (accessible from the start menu). Tutorial will be posted at a later date.
  • PRO: Added an advanced calculator. Allows typing in full equations (9+2+3+2*(2^3)) or entering similar to the Windows calculator 9, enter +9, enter. Includes grouping support (thousands separator), displaying of equation and answer or just the answer, and decimal precision (round to x number of decimals).
  • PRO: Added support for deleting individual history list items. This can be done from the options dialog or by holding the “Delete” key and clicking on an item you want deleted in the history list drop-down.
  • PRO: Added the ability to show “Bookmarks and History”, “Bookmarks Only”, or “History Only”.
  • PRO: Added support for showing the full address of history items in the history list on mouseover in a tooltip and only for those items have the ellipsis (…).
  • PRO: Modified update dialog to allow automatic download and install of a newer version (freeware version users can click to visit our website where they can download the new version through
  • Added icons to now display like the original Windows Taskbar Toolbar Address Bar.
  • Added support for Windows 7. The MuvEnum Address Bar now supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2000, 2003, and 2008.
  • Added support for Windows Aero taskbar transparency (a pain to get working with a combobox due to bleeding colors, but we figured it out…woohoo!).
  • Added support for making the address bar even smaller after the first initial load (setting in options). This was due to the minimum size being the default size (Windows implementation) and we don’t want to the default size to be so small as to be confusing to first time users.
  • Added button to automatically select the current default browser on your system as the only browse to pull bookmarks and history from.
  • Added support for full auto-expansion of files and folders in environment variable paths.
  • Added support for pulling bookmarks and history from Safari and Opera.
  • Added ability to alt-click the drop-down arrow and icon button to show the auto-completion list instead of the history list.
  • Added right-click on drop-down arrow to show a MuvEnum Address Bar context menu; options, refresh history (force), check for updates, and “disable/enable global hotkey” (we created this quick disable/enable feature for when we play Left 4 Dead, Ctrl-Shift-A gets hit a lot when playing FPSs which would kick us out of the game).
  • Added some logging for troubleshooting purposes which can now be accessed easily from the “Help” tab in options under the “Support” drop-down button.
  • Fixed issue where history list would show partial items and cause automatic scrolling when the mouse was moved over these items.
  • Fixed issue with auto-completion list and history list showing duplicate addresses.
  • Fixed issues with some address missing ending causing the process start to hang for 10+ seconds.
  • Fixed scrolling of drop-down history list on Windows XP with Smooth Scrolling enabled causing it to scroll in an insane an unreadable manner.
  • Fixed uninstaller not removing the start menu folder and links on Windows Vista, 2008, and 7 due to UAC.
  • Fixed deeplinking to unc paths saying not found; it now should prompt for credentials.
  • Fixed \ making auto-completion list disappear.
  • Fixed possible thread/memory leak when using the address bar for extended periods of time.
  • Modified retrieving of history list and auto-completion list to no longer freeze the address bar and the start menu temporarily.
  • Modified messageboxes to now use the same theme as the options dialog.
  • Modified the “not found prompt” to now place the cursor back in the address bar with all of the text selected for retyping of the command if “No” is chosen.
  • Modified storing of MuvEnum Address Bar History to use it’s own history separate from Internet Explorer along with the ability to disable displaying it.
  • Modified default theme for better font rendering and overall better look.
  • Modified the “Clear History” to clear the MuvEnum Address Bar and RunMRU List history. The buttons next to each browser option take you to the FAQ with directions for clearing each browsers history.
  • Modified address bar to display “Go Pro” instead of “” on initial load (doesn’t display for PRO users).
  • Update the Options GUI to make room for all of these awesome new features. 🙂
  • And more…

As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

For the latest non-beta version of MuvEnum Address Bar, please visit our downloads section.

-The MuvEnum Development Team

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