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Jun 30

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New Audio Capturing PC Application Breaks Through the Real-time Barrier

MuvAudio is a one-of-a-kind real-time recording application. Most real-time recording programs record in real-time; second-for-second. The advantage of real-time recording programs is in their ability to capture audio that digital conversion programs are unable to handle.

MuvEnum looked at this approach and knew there had to be a better way. Thus, MuvAudio was born. MuvAudio takes “real-time” recording and kicks it up a few decibels into an “un-real ” recording monster.

You are no longer tied to second-for-second recording. MuvAudio provides the ability to record up to 5X faster than real-time, still using the same principles to allow you to capture all audio played through your speakers.

MuvAudio also supports “sound seclusion”. No longer do you have to worry about having sounds played by your favorite game, your favorite application, or even your favorite operating system, recorded into your audio being recorded with MuvAudio. MuvAudio provides all of the above features and to top it off, provides the best quality and sound of any program, true to the source.

When using MuvAudio, you create a list of the files you wish to convert to your choice of over 9 file formats. You then set your “Maximum Recording Speed”, click on “Begin Recording” and off it goes, providing you status of your recordings through the MuvAudio console.

MuvAudio also supports “Dedicated Mode” which allows you to watch a directory for any files that you would like to convert. You just drop them in the directory and MuvAudio finds them and begins recording automatically.

The next-generation of “un”real-time recording is here.

MuvAudio v1.0 runs on Windows 98/2000/XP/2003.  MuvAudio costs $18.99(US), and may be purchased from You can download a trial version from the same web address.

For more information, contact MuvEnum, LLC, 1430 S 25 E, Perry, UT 84302 USA. Email: Phone: +1 435-494-1688 Internet:

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About MuvEnum, LLC:

Since 2005, MuvEnum LLC has been developing and marketing music software that makes digital music more enjoyable. In addition to MuvAudio, the company also offers a range of freeware that simplifies everyday computing tasks. For more information, visit

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